Spray Rose Water Priming Mist Shimmer Replenishment Moisturizing Refreshing 4 Oz

Maison d’Arganier ROSE WATER
It is not too hard to get lost in the heavenly fragrance of Maison d’Arganier ROSE WATER. This amazing ingredient is a staple in most skin care routines. In fact, its use dates back to before the establishment of the Roman Empire when Cleopatra was believed to use it as a part of her beauty regime. Maison d’Arganier ROSE WATER offers your skin numerous benefits such as softening your skin and giving it a natural, healthy glow.
Great for all skin types.
How to use:
Pour Maison d’Arganier ROSE WATER on a large cotton pad, then sweep over your face or just spritz it from the spray bottle.
What it is formulated WITH:
- 100% natural rose water
What else you need to know:
Maison d’arganier ROSE WATER is 100 percent pure, 100 percent natural, and free of any synthetics, fillers, or fragrance. Housed in a recyclable plastic spray bottle.
This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without gluten, GMO, and formaldehyde.

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